Monday, March 30, 2009

What’s New and Old About Windows 7 Build 7068 Pre-RC

1. The Media Player 12 has been able to play .mov NATIVELY.


2. The wallpaper for 64 bit is still the betha fish.


3. The inconsistency how to click icon in Control Panel. In Control Panel you just single click, in the Windows Explorer you still have double click.


4. In the IP setting, “Validate settings upon exit” has been uncheck by default.


5. The Delphi Problem still effected on 64 bit Windows. Please someone on Embarcadero fix it.

6. There still no Access 2007 JET driver build in.

7. The Media Player 12 still can’t play subtitle file. The avi with srt or sub file.

8. To much unused space in some control panel like home group in 1440 maximize.


9. Color Calibration has been added more calibration.


10. NetPlWiz still have old icon.


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