Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Step by Step Installing Windows Deployment Services(WDS) From Zero.

With WDS you can install your Windows via LAN. This solution is perfectly use in:

- Large company

- Ultra Portable Laptop with no drive optic and 4 GB USB flash disk.

- Normal PC / Laptop without drive optic (may be in repair) and 4 GB flash disk.


- At least 2 Computer, one for server, one for client. Client install Windows from server.

- Windows Server 2008 trial. Download from Microsoft.

Step by Step:

1. Download you Windows 2008 from Microsoft and burn in to DVD at lowest speed.

2. Install your Windows 2008. Just install it using default setup. Don’t change anything YET. Configure your adapter to use static IP like

3. Type dcpromo. Choose New Domain, type root “corp.hok.com”. Choose Yes, Yes, Type your password. Just Click next, wait the process and restart.

4. Add new Role, install DHCP server. Just click next until the DHCP Scopes. Click Add. See the picture. Add the name like MyPC. Starting IP Address is, End IP Address is, and Subnet Mask is

5. Last step install WDS (this is usually WDS guide Start). Go to Role. Select the last one. WDS. Install it.

6. Run WDS. Select Server Node and Configure Server. Choose a big HDD to save installation file. Check the next two config, Don not listen and Configure DHCP. Select Respond to all (if you are for private use). Finish.

7. Add Windows Installation to the WDS. There are two type of that. Install Image and Boot Image. Put the Windows Vista, 2008, Windows 7, OR Windows 2008 R2 DVD. Select Boot Image from boot.wim in the subdirectory Source. Select Installation Image from install.wim in the subdirectory Source

9. Choose the right edition. Here you can customize Windows 7 to install. After all finish. Just turn on the client. Make sure you choose boot using PXE as boot configuration. Press F12 when it boot.

10. You must login to server domain. Don’t forget to use domain, instead of user name administrator, the right username is administrator@corp.hok.com with the same password.

11. You are free to install Windows via LAN :). Good luck :). You may now start to configuration your windows 2008.

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