Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Windows Vista Free Edition

Today Microsoft have been launch the Windows Vista Free Edition. This windows is free because Microsoft put advertisement in the Windows. This Windows Vista Free Edition is basically Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. The only different between two edition is surely the Free Edition we don't need to pay.

Microsoft is putting the advertisement in a Sidebar that can't be disable. The advertisement need Vista Free Edition to connect Internet. Microsoft has been giving the user maximum 30 days for user to not display the commercial. If user has been not connect to Internet more that 30 days than Windows Vista Free Edition will no be able to use. It behave like Windows Vista RTM lookdown. The lookdown will be automatically shutdown it self if it detect any Internet connection and it can connect to Microsoft Advertise site.

This Windows Vista Free Edition has not been build any pirate protection, because it does not need to be crack. The iso size is about 4,2 GB. It has already Service pack 1 update integrated. The 600 MB more space is to provide offline commercial that is for display 30 days. The funny thing about Microsoft Windows Vista Free Edition is you can choose any edition just like real Windows Vista 64 bit. Below is the picture of the new sidebar with advertisement:

Picture 1. Vista Free Edition Sidebar.

On that picture 1, you can see Microsoft is trying to put ads in their sidebar.

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