Monday, September 14, 2009

Truly Indonesian HSDPA

Indonesia HSDPA

Picture 1. Indonesia True HSDPA

This result is get by one of the Indonesia Telecommunication flagship in 14 September 2009 (this is not typo, it is 2009. Two thousand nine). In the top left the is Flashget download a file in about 6 KB/s. In the top right there is a summary of 3 day report that with 15 hours (24 hour all day minus sleep) online and continue download it manages to get 193 MB to 396 MB.

Middle left is Networkx stopwatch. It also confirm the reading form the previous. In the middle right the is a very big logo of HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) with the speed 3,6 Mbps worst and 7,2 mbps middle. There is also HSDPA 14 mbps and HSDPA+ 25 mbps.

Last but not least is Networkx graphic. It scale real slowest HSDPA 3,6 mbps or 450 KB/s. You may need to zoom to 10x scale or 1000% to see the graphic or perhaps more. The more exciting thing is you pay all of this in about 6 MCD Bigmac a month unlimited. I wonder if I am in Japan or USA, how faster the internet I can get unlimited with 6 MCD Bigmac? If someone know the answer please tell me. I really want to bed that is it a lot faster than Indonesia truly HSDPA 6 KB/s.

Maybe I should report this to KPK (Corruption Buster Corruption) as the Corruption in Bandwidth? I wish the Indonesia can really get Guinness Book of Record as the most slow and expensive HSDPA in the world (6 KB/s a month a cost of 6 BIG MAC).

I just remember many pirated movie that has so much label in it. DVD, VCD, Dolby, THX, etc. But the movie is really jerk. The picture is bad (that way always buy original movie). I just thing that this case is the same. What is the HSDPA label for?

Anyone have any idea how Indonesia can deal with this problem? After all the faster the Internet are, the much more tourist enjoy the Indonesia. They not enjoy the Internet all, but the love fast Internet. With fast internet the tourist can fast tell their friends about the beauty of Indonesia. I hope this will not influence the Visit Indonesia 2009 2010.

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