Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exclusive: Delphi 2010 Easter Egg

The Delphi 2010 Easter Egg is just the same as Delphi 2009. That is go to menu Help – About. Hold down Alt key – type these letter T E A M. This will make the name of the programmer appear. Finally just double click that name list to reveal the picture of Delphi programmers.


Picture 1. Delphi 2010 Help About


Picture 2. Delphi 2010 Programmer Name


Finally Picture 3. Delphi 2010 Easter Egg



Picture 4. Delphi 2010 Windows 32 VCL Component

Note: Unlike Delphi 2009 I bet there is more easter egg. See picture 3, I wonder why there is a letter e floating in the middle right?

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