Monday, June 16, 2008

Curiosity Is A Big Risk To Adsense Publisher

Have you ever thinked an elementary kids using the computer to open a websites? Sometimes and so many times, i thinked about how valid click that treated as "REPETITIVE CLICK" or "ABUSE CLICK" and in the end lead to "INVALID CLICK" can be made from CURIOSITY. Yes, that is threat for us, Adsense publisher. Sometimes, good topic are lure someone to open it, not limited to Children.


Disaster would be the mean of CURIOUSITY. Sometimes, the Google Adsense's unit, one and each other are not synchronized. Suppose we had 3 Ad runing at the page (The max. value of ad unit in a page), The Ad sometimes will be duplicated. Yes, the same Ad. What if Children or not limited to someone, clicked the same Ad? Would that be treated as repetitive clicks? and lead to invalid clicks? I don't know the answer yet, because it's 100% Google's proprietary. Let's not point anybody on this article. Let's not blame anybody on this article, just keep in your head, without any hatred.

But what i can say is, sometimes Advertiser's use the different Title to lure people. And what happened is, someone can click TWO DIFFERENT ADS, but OPENED THE SAME PAGE. Is that possible? According to my research, yes it is. How can i know? Read the Link displayed, not the ad's title. What would people whom don't know about computer, internet, are surfing in the page containing adsense? Yes, sometimes they can click what they can click. Lead to invalid click? YES, maybe.

We understand that your site traffic may significantly increase for various reasons, and that you may feel you ought to let us know. However, there's no need to notify us of a surge in activity, as we continually monitor all clicks and impressions on Google ads to prevent any abuse of the AdSense program. Rest assured that we'll monitor your situation closely, and that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid.

But, what can you tell if someone's curiosity lead to your disability of your account? No one still knows. Only Google knows. But, what i can say is, if you're feel bad, really bad, you better contact Google. Sometimes higher revenue would lead to bad feeling. Ask Google, don't let your honest account disabled without confirmation, and it's without confirmation.

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