Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How To Install QQ

Are you experienced some trouble installing QQ Messenger? Do you want to make friends with some Chinese? There is only one chance. About 90% of Chinese people i've seen are using QQ as their messenger.

But do you know, there is limitation for you who don't understand Mandarin. So, i'm here to help you installing QQ. After downloading the QQ, double-click it, and you will prompted some installation window. Follow the instruction on the figure below.






That's the way to install QQ. All you need to do is find another QQ ID from your friends, build your network, and so on.

QQ official site is www.qq.com, happy trying :)

To Download QQ Messenger :
http:// softdl.tech.qq.com/soft/21/QQ2007II.zip
NB : there is a "SPACE" between "http://" and the rest of the link. Since siteadvisor consider QQ Messenger as nuisance, so we need to clean our reputation by not providing direct link to QQ. Please join that link yourself, manually, thank you :)

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