Sunday, May 8, 2011

EASEUS Partition Master Review

Out of option because you cannot purchase Symantec Partition Magic?

At least, you can find the Partition Magic alternative, such as EASEUS PARTITION MASTER which can be downloaded from Filehippo.Com. Thanks to Filehippo, I can find EASEUS and download it for free.

Resizing partition is not a big deal in EASEUS. You know why? Because it can do exactly almost the same with Partition Magic. When I tried to resize my 900 GB partition to 895 GB, it tooks around 10 hour to relocating data.It is very unrecommended to resize very large size partition without back it up first.


In the end, it was successful operation. But what would be the most risk is the black out thing. Say goodbye to your entire partition. That’s why I told you to back it up every piece of data you have before resizing, especially very large partition. Remember, resizing 5GB of data in 900GB partition, took 10 hour.

Conclusion, EASEUS is very powerful freeware. It can replace your paid partition manager, such as partition magic, AFAIK. Good Luck Open-mouthed smile

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