Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gadget Security: Security MicroSD Card

In Indonesia (may as in many country in the world), gadget stolen is a mass problem. Why stole a gadget? The most important factor is because the gadget is easy to make money. The gadget doesn’t have the proper security to prevent stolen. All the thief do is just go near the victim, stole the gadget, pull of the battery, throw a way the card, and then sold it. So easy and earn a lot of money.

In the few years back, I have been suggesting to thread gadget like car. The police search the warranty card for the gadget that is sold in the store. If a gadget doesn’t have the warranty card than the police can take the gadget to make a case in court. I have been contacting Nokia Indonesia about this and they just say they will consider it. But a few years has been pass it still the same.

My new idea is to make a key in the memory card. Many gadget in the year 2009 near 2010 will 90% has memory card reader. They event have hot plug one. So the basic idea is the Vendor make a special memory card that contain special data. This data is unique tied to ONE gadget. This key will not work again the same same gadget model. The point is you need the key to turn off, turn on, open the gadget, charging. So without the key, the gadget is useless. The gadget can’t be turn on, turn off, pull of the battery, charging.

In order to optimize the use of this key, user must put this key separate from the gadget. User can put in the house if they think they just going near the house. They also can put this key in their vehicle. So when the gadget stolen, the thief can’t do anything. This key is just like vehicle key.

Actually the way to make the gadget more secure and anti-thief can be mimic from another anti-thief. The only think I confuse is why there isn’t any Vendor trying to make gadget more secure? This will be a very good marketing material if they can and will be world first anti thief gadget. It will be even world headline news. And till this date (near year 2010), I never heard one of that news. I hope big Vendor will read this and race to create one.

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