Friday, November 27, 2009

Ah Yat Abalone – Java Paragon


Ah Yat Abalone, here i come to taste you

Well… This isn’t the first time eating some dishes from Ah Yat Abalone.

OK, let’s do some experiment on Ah Yat Abalone which located at Java Paragon :D

Well… firstly, to get to Ah Yat Abalone is pretty easy. Just drive to Mayjend Sungkono, find the Java Paragon, and there she is. OK, here’s the menu of Ah Yat Abalone, ordered randomly from Dim Sum to Main Menu

image image

Well… there was some noddle, “Kue Lobak”, Koloke, and some of Dim Sum. Actually, it was very delicious. What can i conclude is:

  1. The price is outrageous
    It’s not worthy to spend some money here
  2. It’s better than the Ah Yat at Singapore
  3. Hygiene
  4. The aircon is not to cold… Well maybe because of the sunshine?
  5. Precious, Prestige

Spend for your family? Not recommended, find another.

Spend for your business partner? Well… Recommended

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