Wednesday, September 23, 2009

World First Offline Free PC Face Recognition Program: Picasa 3.5

Today Google launch Picasa 3.5. One of the most new feature is face recognition. Unlike the Picasa 3.0 where we have online to use the face recognition feature, Picasa 3.5 can do it offline. Meaning Picasa 3.5 can do face recognition on the pc that not connected to the Internet.

While the first offline pc recognition was Cyberlink MediaShow 5, but MediaShow 5 is not free. I haven’t try the MediaShow. I just trying the Picasa but it take a long time to get people face out of my few GB picture.


Picture 1. People Section in Picasa 3.5

I really love this feature in the picture 1. The black rectangle is just a censorship of some friends. As you can see in the picture one Picasa 3.5 can also group the near same person. This is very useful if you have thousand picture with near same pose of the same person. Picture 1 is about a virtual album consisting the people. In the picture one case there are SIS picture album. The checkmark in picture 1 is the one that Picasa suggest the face match to the person of the album owner.


Picture 2. Unname People Tab

Picasa can group some people in the people group like in the picture 2. In this unnamed people tab you can tag a group of people that according to Picasa is the same person. So that you don’t need to tag all manually each photo file.


Picture 3. Person Contain in a Photo

Last but not least, Picasa 3.5 can also like Facebook which one album is contain many people like in Picture 3. There is only one problem left. If I manage to tag 1.000 time to my 1.000.000 photo, how do I backup it when I am reinstall the Windows?

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