Sunday, September 20, 2009

Telkomsel Flash Unlimited Rent a SuperBike

In this alternate universe Telkomsel is pubic monopoly transportation company in Earth. Telkomsel is manage about 90% of the world public transportation. Telkomsel has been manage to rent many publish transportation. One of the famous and flagship is Telkomsel Flash Unlimited. It is a super bike rent.


Picture 1. Telkomsel Flash Unlimited Rent A Superbike

Telkomsel Flash has a very cool hi end super bike like in the Picture 1 above.  The superbike has a hi end computer build in. This computer is manage many things. There is two important things that this computer manage: 1. Safety Riding 2. Security Things like WPA in Windows.

Safety Riding is to manages the speed, GPS, and many other things concerning the safety of riding. The second function is to manage the rent status. You can rent this superbike unlimited use. This is the pricelist table:

Product Package Maximum Speed (mph) Quota (mil) True Speed (mph) Price (IDR)
Basic 51 50 1.6 125,000
Advance 102 100 1.6 225,000
Pro 720 200 3.2 400,000

In the gold era, this superbike manage to get 250 mph with just 125,000 IDR. Because of the abuse user of the Telkomsel AirPlane!, Telkomsel is angry. Many people use Telkomsel AirPlane! to just do anything but travelling. So starting 1 September Telkomsel deal with the abuse by limiting the user that boarding Telkomsel AirPlane!. Not only that, the old Telkomsel Flash has been restricted to true speed.

The good is the less accident will happen in the Street. In 1,6 mph will super hi end computer and GPS sensor, I bet it can manage ZERO ACCIDENT! The bad thing is now we can go to nearest town 60 mill with 96 hours! In the previous case before abuse we can go there in 14,4 minute (don’t worry, like I said it has all computer controlled + GPS. So it will be save and enjoyable journey).

So that it is for our story now. Will Telkomsel Flash manage to get reasonable speed? Or it will make people more slow. It is now up to Telkomsel Flash Rent a Superbike Unlimited. See you next story :) 

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