Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Cure Internet Addicts

Internet Addicts is a feeling of discomfort when the person is offline or not connecting to the internet. Like drug addicts, giving the person more drug or disconnect 100% is the same fatal result. Internet Addicts is also the same.

To cure internet addicts there are many ways. One of it is by reducing the “doses”  of the online activities. Step by step, little by little until some time the person is using internet as normal way.

To reducing the online activities,  you can send all your child to work or study in Indonesia. In Indonesia we have plenty facility to cure Internet Addicts. We also have the best way to make your children not downloading the pirate data. 

Introducing many ISP national is now implement the slow and expensive internet. The up to 0,01 KB/s unlimited 24/7 is now only at 5 BIG MAC burger. The best case you can get is 6,4 Kb/s. Don’t worry it is a really long shot.

This way, to pirate 5 MB Mp3 song is just super long, so that your child will be canceled and doing other thing rather than wait it in front of their PC. You children will also find it really irritating to online with this super slow and expensive internet connection. This thing will slowly make your child back to normal.

I hope this is help :).

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