Sunday, February 22, 2009

Selecta, Batu, Jawa Timur

Selecta - Batu (5)

The well known Tourism Object in Jawa Timur, especially for people who lived in Surabaya and surrounding, is Selecta. I don’t really know why they called it Selecta, but what you should know is, Selecta is the best Agro-Tourism Object. Means, Selecta isn’t kind of Amusement Park, although Amusement Park is referred as tourism object too. Selecta is Agro-Tourism Object, and by it’s name, you can judge that in Selecta is filled with green.

Selecta - Batu (10)

Why Selecta is referred as Agro-Tourism Object? because you can satisfied your desire to buy some plants.


It is easy to find many kind of flower, from cheap to expensive, from red to blue. Wide range of plants and flower are available.


As you can see, lot of merchant sell plants and flower. This photo taken at rainy day, so it’s enhance the situation to be so so so relaxing.

To be continued …

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