Monday, December 22, 2008

Ghostly Hotel


Once upon a time, a fairy tale come into my ears when i was kid. It said that Niagara Hotel, which located at Lawang, halfway to Malang, is a ghostly place.


Donno about the detail too much, but legend said that you will wake up in another room, not in your room.

However, it’s so creepy. Until today, i don’t even know about these hotel, but i just know the story passed mouth too mouth. I don’t even sure it’s a ghostly place, but what i’m sure is, if you told by someone about a ghostly place, then you must feel that the place is ghostly place. If you don’t know about the legend from the beginning, you don’t think if there’s really a ghost in Niagara Hotel. Have a gut?


Feel free to stay overnight at Niagara Hotel – Lawang – East Java – Indonesia.

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