Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 Store

3 Store (2)

Do you recognize 3 as the cell phone operator in your country?

As far as i know, 3 originated from Hongkong. Maybe it’s listed on Hangseng?

Well, this time, i just want to inform you, especially for who recognized 3 in your country, now 3 is available in Indonesia. Basically, you can roam your 3 here. 3 has some offer, promotion in Indonesia, for example: account balance bonus, Yahoo Messenger and small nomination of reload voucher

3 Store (4)

Beside of those, 3, in December 2008 give special bonus for reloading balance.


For each reload in the 3 Store, you will rewarded with some amount of bonus. For example, if you buy Rp. 100.000 reload voucher, you will rewarded with Rp. 30.000 electronic voucher which accumulated to your 3 phone number, excellent isn’t it?

I really wonder, how was 3’s performance in your country?

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