Sunday, August 24, 2008

FICFORLIFE Marked As Harmful Site By McAfee


Please don’t be warned for this stupid McAfee. Actually, FICForLife was marked as “dangerous” site by McAfee because provides direct download link for QQ Messenger WHICH IS the National Messenger which is mass used in China. Who said? Well, 99% of people in China used this Messenger as their primary messenger after MSN. So a any visitor of FICForLife, please feel no worry about this.

I admit there is some adware in QQ Messenger, but with some Firewall you can block it off course. There is some ad which appear in some window in QQ Messenger, but you don’t need to worry. Just block it! However, this is how you can communicate with people from Republic People of China. only few percent of people in China used MSN. So, basically QQ is the messenger which you can used to have some friends in China.

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