Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[UPDATED] Browser-Browser Baru

[UPDATED] Release Note Firefox 3 Final Official dapat anda baca di sini.

Beberapa minggu ini secara bersamaan dua browser terkenal telah mencapai versi baru. Kedua browser itu adalah Opera dan Firefox. Opera telah mengalami perubahan yang sangat besar dari versi 9.27 ke 9.50. Sedangkan Firefox juga mengalami perubahan yang tidak kalah besarnya, yaitu dari versi ke versi 3. Secara kebetulan Maxthon 2 juga terdapat build baru, walau perubahannya tidak sedrastis kedua browser diatas.

Perubahan yang terdapat pada Opera 9.5, karena sangat banyak anda dapat membacanya di sini dan anda dapat mendowloadnya di sini. Untuk Firefox 3 anda dapat download disini: Windows, Linux. Sedangkan change log untuk Firefox 3 yang official belum ada. Sementara itu untuk Maxthon 2, karena change lognya sedikit, berikut ini adalah change lognya:

Changes in Maxthon [2008-06-17]:
[User Interface]
* Redesigned Find in Page Bar with more features
* Fixed Address Bar favicon slow update problem
* Fixed problem when Maxthon is hidden while the address bar drop down is shown
* Fixed problem that tray icon does not show up after Explorer crash
* Fixed problem that with multi-monitors the monitor in which Maxthon is maximized is not remembered
* Fixed problem that online favorites synchronize dialog may lock Maxthon while switching user account
* Fixed a Split View crash problem
* User Interface under safe mode is not saved
* Added option to activate last active tab after tab close
* Added a Find Password dialog
* Fixed problem that status bar buttons dragged to Web Toolbar is not remembered
* Fixed problem that Encoding button in the Web Toolbar does not work
* Added Encoding sub menu to the View menu (need to reset Menu Bar to see the new sub menu)
* Fixed a GDI leakage problem

[Shortcut and Mouse Gesture]
* Fixed a mouse gesture page scrolling problem

[Plugin and External Tool]
* Fixed a plugin command (readFile) problem
* Fixed external tools "current title" argument problem
* Fixed problem that plugin bar customization is lost after plugin removal/disable

[Maxthon Downloader]
* Added option to not keep history of downloads
* Added notification for download error
* Fixed problem that some web pages may be closed after downloading attachment on the web pages

* Fixed a RSS crash problem
* Fixed problem that the option to open feed in new tab may not work
* After creation of new Passport Account, the favorites of Shared Account, if exist, will be imported

* Redesigned Auto Update module
* Plugin, Skin, Language, Filter files are downloaded and installed directly without using download managers

Homepage - http://www.maxthon.com/en/

Size: 4.72 MB

Anda dapat mendownload Maxthon – Final.

Berikut ini adalah gambar dari ketiga browser itu:


Gambar 1. Maxthon


Gambar 2. Opera 9.5


Gambar 3. Firefox 3.0

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