Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Managing "MANY" Files, Even Windows Explorer Is K.O. !

Have you ever been recovering your files from Raw Format? Or have you ever been recovering your files from formatted drive or broken partition? That would be suck.

What will be suck? Yes, imagine you recover 100.000 of files. Have you ever try to open a folder which contain 100.000 files with Windows Explorer? Try it, and you can go to toilet, you can go eat then, or maybe you can even drink a cup of coffee and relaxing. Believe me, that would be suck.

Don't EVER TRY TO THUMBNAIL IT in windows explorer. You can mop your entire house, after finish mopping your house, it doesn't guarantee that the thumbnail will appear !

Solution? Use some old file manager such as NC (Norton Commander) or Windows Commander. Divide those hundreds thousands of files into several folder, which each folder contains about thousands files only. That would be save your time. Try It !

Thanks To Norton Commander !

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